Deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time?

Internal communication is very similar to digital marketing. You can’t send the same message to everyone in your organization.

As you’re competing for attention how do you make sure you’re reaching your audiences without overwhelming them?

All your internal communication KPIs in one place

Connect all your internal communication channels (email newsletter, Intranet/digital workplace, enterprise social network) and access all your KPIs in one place!

Analyze which content is resonating with your audiences as well as how each channel impacts the others.

They trust us for improved internal communications:

Understand which audiences read your posts

Go beyond the quantitative metrics and analyze what type of user you reached with a specific communication

Analyze by country, department, business unit or any other relevant organizational attribute ..

Identify the content that engages your employees

Easily spot communications that triggered the most reactions among your employees.

Analyze which channel and which format drive the most engagement.

Get your custom monthly reports in one click

Stop wasting time collecting KPIs across all your different communication tools and decide which insights you want to get each month.

Track your performance over time and…

Security and privacy first!

Tryane is certified SOC2 type II which reflects our “security-by design” approach.
We’re also compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Discover the latest edition of our Yammer Benchmark Report!


The aim of this report is to provide valuable insights to any organization that uses Yammer. Compare your engagement metrics and understand the trends and best practices in using the platform. 

Do you want to know how analytics could help you improve your impact? Contact us!

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