Copilot, developed by Microsoft, is an artificial intelligence-powered writing assistant that aims to make the writing process easier for users. Copilot is a platform and application integrator that leverages sophisticated language models to produce real-time text suggestions.

The primary goal of Copilot is to assist users in producing high-quality content more quickly and effectively. Copilot guarantees to offer helpful support at every stage, whether you’re writing business documents, reports, emails, or even computer code.

1. How does Copilot work?

Because of its partnership with OpenAI, Copilot has access to powerful artificial intelligence algorithms that it applies to massive amounts of text data. Thanks to this special collaboration, Copilot can use ChatGPT to analyze the context of your text while you write it and provide pertinent recommendations based on linguistic models that have already been developed.

Copilot automatically proposes words, idioms, and sentences that fit the tone and style of the content being written as soon as the user starts typing. On demand, Copilot can produce a draft text depending on a particular context that the user provides. For instance, it can generate an email with a corporate tone alerting every employee about a new strategy choice, locating the pertinent information in the related press release.

2. Copilot’s features

Copilot offers a range of features to improve writing efficiency and deliver superior content:

  • Contextual text suggestions: Analyses the context of the text and makes suggestions that match the subject and tone of the document.

  • Automatic correction: Identifies grammar, spelling and syntax errors and suggests appropriate corrections.

  • Automatic summaries: Generates automatic summaries of documents, long texts or even generates a summary of a meeting with the respective actions and decisions taken.

  • Instant translation: Offers instant translation functions for writing content in several languages.

3. Potential uses of Copilot for internal communication

When it comes to internal communications, Copilot can be a useful tool for professionals who have to create content on a regular basis for blogs, company news, newsletters, and other communication channels.

After all, one of the newest developments in internal communications is artificial intelligence. Read our upcoming blog post to learn more about additional trends in this field.

Utilizing Copilot can help authors produce more effectively and more quickly, which can boost company culture and keep staff members interested. Additionally, businesses with a global presence may find it simpler to produce multilingual content thanks to the rapid translation tools.

However, do you believe that internal communications will be entirely replaced by artificial intelligence? Read our other blog post, “Will Chat GPT replace your company’s internal communications?” to learn more.

4. Communication Insight: in-depth data analysis

But creating content is just one step in the process of communicating internally. It is crucial to gather and analyze data on employee engagement, message reception, and behavior on internal platforms in order to accurately evaluate the efficacy of communication.

Communication Insight can help with that. Professionals in internal communications may now have a comprehensive insight of the results of their activities with this solution’s extensive analytics capabilities for Viva Engage, SharePoint, and many other platforms. Please get in touch with us to learn more about Communication Insight.

5. Integrated approach: Merging copywriting and analysis

By merging the functionalities of Communication Insight and Copilot, you may take advantage of an integrated strategy to optimize the efficiency of your endeavors.

The first step in such an approach is to use Copilot to polish the content writing. After a message is sent via SharePoint or other internal channels, Communication Insight is used to monitor and evaluate employee participation, response times to messages, and communication patterns. With this integrated strategy, you can leverage AI’s capabilities for impactful authoring and analytical data for thorough impact analysis, making the most out of your efforts.


To sum up, while Copilot can be a useful tool for content creation optimization, this strategy must be supplemented with products like Communication Insight for genuinely successful, data-driven internal communication. Internal communications specialists can build more engaged and productive work cultures by combining authoring and analysis.

About Tryane Analytics

Tryane Analytics was established in 2008 with the mission of empowering internal communications with actionable insights allowing them to be more efficient. Communication Insights is the latest and most comprehensive solution of Tryane Analytics. It is an all-in-one analytics solution to connect all your internal communication channels (email newsletter, intranet/digital workplace, enterprise social network) and access a holistic view of all your KPIs in one place.

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