Internal communication is the fundamental pillar of any company as it aligns employees with the strategy and reinforces their engagement. To achieve this, a range of modern tools is emerging to facilitate exchanges and strengthen cohesion within teams. Let’s explore together the essentials to integrate into your internal communication strategy.

1. Internal Newsletter: Stay Connected

The internal newsletter remains a preferred communication channel for disseminating company news, successes, and events. With platforms such as Outlook, Poppulo, and PoliteMail, creating and distributing newsletters becomes simple and effective, ensuring a smooth flow of information within the organization.

2. Intranet / Digital Workplace: A Central Hub

3. Instant Messaging: Responsiveness and Collaboration

Instant messaging tools like Slack and Teams have revolutionized how teams communicate. They enable quick exchanges, the creation of thematic discussion groups, real-time collaboration, informing employees through dedicated channels, thus contributing to better project coordination and effective problem resolution.

4. Enterprise Social Network (ESN): Building Connections

5. Email Signature: Enhance Your Professional Image

6. Statistical Tools: Measure and Analyze

7. Video Space: Engage Visually

Integrating a dedicated video space energizes internal communication by offering an engaging and visual way to share key messages, training, and employee testimonials. This approach promotes engagement and information retention within the company.

8. Internal Display: Real-Time Information

Internal displays, whether physical bulletin boards or digital solutions, are an effective way to disseminate important information in real-time, such as announcements, upcoming events, and company performance. This tool reaches a wide audience and ensures consistent information dissemination throughout the company.

9. Employee Advocacy Tool: Amplify Employees’ Voices

An Employee Advocacy tool allows employees to become brand ambassadors by sharing content on their personal social networks. This approach promotes authenticity, extends the reach of company communications, and strengthens the trust of customers and partners in the brand.

10. Planning Tool: Organizing Tasks

A planning tool, such as Trello or Asana, simplifies task, project, and deadline management within the company. It enables a clear visualization of ongoing activities, efficient assignment of responsibilities, and optimal coordination among team members, thereby contributing to improved organization and overall productivity.

By integrating these internal communication tools into your overall strategy, you can create a connected, collaborative, and engaging work environment, thus fostering productivity and employee satisfaction.

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