Analytics for Yammer by Tryane 2

Drive the adoption of your Yammer network

Keep track of your engagement rate across the network and identify the populations who are thriving and the ones that need to be onboarded or trained.

Analytics for Yammer by Tryane 2

Identify the content that engages your employees

Spot trending content and understand what type of communications work best and for which audience.

Identify the most active groups and replicate their best practices across the network.

Analytics for Yammer by Tryane 3

Get specific insights for any department, country, job title, …

Are your employees more engaged in Paris or in San Francisco?
In Marketing or in Finance?

Analytics for Yammer by Tryane 4

Identify the best time to post

Maximize the chance to reach any audience by posting your communication at the right time in Yammer.

Analytics for Yammer by Tryane 5
Yammer solution by Tryane Analytics
Analytics for Yammer by Tryane 6

Benchmark your performance

Compare how you’re doing on Yammer with similar organizations (same size or same industry).

Set goals backed by data in order to improve over time.

Analytics for Yammer by Tryane 6
Analytics for Yammer by Tryane - Christina Morillo, Monster Energy

“How do we find the best way to reach people who say “I had no idea this was going on”?
When something really important was missed. People sometimes tell me “Nobody told me that?”

With Tryane, I’m able to get staff members to take action by using data that points to best practices.”

Communications Manager, Monster Energy

Discover the latest edition of our Yammer Benchmark Report!


The aim of this report is to provide valuable insights to any organization that uses Yammer. Compare your engagement metrics and understand the trends and best practices in using the platform. 

Cover of the 2022 Yammer Benchmark Report by Tryane

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