Comprendre le comportement de vos employés sur SP - Tryane

Understand the behavior of your employees on SharePoint

Which regions are the most engaged?
Which content resonates with your audience?

Guess no more and accurately analyze what’s working and what’s not

Comprendre le comportement de vos employés sur SP - Tryane

Identify your top news
on any time period

What are your top news this month? This quarter? Or this year?

Easily analyze your top performing content to identify what’s engaging your colleagues

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Analyze the audiences you reach

Set up your organization structure to analyze which types of user (country, department, business unit…) has seen any given communication.

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Filter all your content by type

Compare similar content by filtering on their type (SharePoint metadata).

For example compare the performance of all your “corporate news” or “CEO message” this quarter

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Tryane Analytics VS Google Analytics

Get 70% more data than with Google Analytics

On top of its proprietary JS agent, Tryane uses all available Microsoft APIs to track 100% of your audience’s activity. Google Analytics doesn’t use MS APIs and can only track 30% of your audience, due to consent requests and ad-blockers.

Full data privacy and security compliance – SOC 2 certified

Tryane collects data with full compliance towards all security and privacy regulations, including GDPR and CNIL. Contrary to Google Analytics, Tryane will never sell your data to advertisers.

Full ownership of your data hosted in France

Google Analytics stores your data in data-centers around the globe. With Tryane your data is hosted in France and you have full data ownership.

Customize with your Org Chart in just 1-click

Tryane allows you to identify the populations visiting your SharePoint sites thanks to its easy synch with your O365 AD. Slicing and dicing data has never been easier.

Built for SharePoint, not for the web

Get data on authenticated users instead of just hits on URLs – thanks to its actionable insights you’ll know exactly which page or item has been seen and by whom.

Custom dashboard & automated reports

With Tryane’s unique UX you can hand-pick your most relevant KPIs and create as many custom dashboards as you need. Its easy automation allows you to deliver these reports to your key stakeholders whenever they need it.

Do you want to know how analytics could help improve your impact? Contact us!

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