Discover the latest edition of our Viva Engage Benchmark Report! 

The aim of this report is to provide valuable insights to any organization that uses Viva Engage. Compare your engagement metrics and understand the trends and best practices in using the platform.  


Viva Engage Benchmark Report 

Analyze how you're performing compared to similar organizations 

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Discover which regions are the most engaged on Viva Engage
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Viva Engage Benchmark report 

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Viva Engage is a powerful tool for facilitating communication and collaboration within an organization. 
The usage report provides valuable insights into how employees are utilizing the platform, highlighting trends and areas of growth. 
By analyzing key metrics such as engagement rates, post frequency, and user activity, organizations can identify opportunities to further optimize their use of Viva Engage and drive even greater productivity and innovation. This report serves as a vital resource for decision-makers looking to enhance their organization's internal communication and build a more connected and engaged workforce.