Your all-in-one analytics solution for internal communications

Want to know more about a specific communication channel?

All your internal communication KPIs in one place

Connect all your internal communication channels (email newsletter, Intranet/digital workplace, enterprise social network) and access all your KPIs in one place!

Analyze which content is resonating with your audiences as well as how each channel impacts the others.

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Measure the performance of your campaigns across all channels

Break the silos and assess the impact of your communication campaigns thanks to global metrics.

Analyze why some campaigns perform better than others and improve over time.

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Did your communications reach the right target audience?

Set up your organization structure to have precise KPIs on any specific audience.

Analyze which types of user (country, department, business unit…) has seen any given communication.

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Analyze what works

Adapt your strategy

Improve your impact

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Improve your numbers by knowing the best time to post

Maximize the chance to reach any audience by posting your communication at the right time in any given channel.

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Get your monthly report in one click

Stop wasting time collecting KPIs across all your different communication tools and decide which insights you want to get each month.

Track your performance over time and adapt your strategy thanks to the data.

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