Difference Viva Engage Yammer

Updated 05/29/2024

Internal communication is a fundamental pillar of any organization, ensuring that employees remain informed and involved in the company’s activities, objectives and culture. With the rise of social networking and digital communication, corporate social networking platforms such as Yammer have established themselves as essential tools for internal communication.

What is Viva Engage and Yammer?

As of summer 2023, Yammer has been rebranded as Microsoft Viva Engage, as part of the Microsoft Viva platform. This rebranding is accompanied by new features aimed at improving employee engagement and enterprise collaboration. Although both platforms were developed by Microsoft and share common goals, they do have some notable differences. If you’re still not sure how to get the most out of Yammer, you can refer to the Yammer Guide for Internal Communications.

Main differences between Yammer and Viva Engage

1. Communication Channels

Yammer: Primarily offered a news feed, groups and direct messaging. Content could be organized into themes and hashtags, but remained primarily based on a single feed.

Viva Engage: Offers a wider range of communication channels, including public meetings, webinars and live events. Content management features are also more advanced, including document management, publishing and content targeting.

2. Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is another important aspect of internal communication that requires to know The Most Important Employee Engagement Metrics.

Yammer: Supported employee engagement without offering a very high level of analytics or personalization.

Viva Engage: Focuses strongly on employee engagement, using data analytics to measure and improve employee sentiment. The platform offers features such as surveys, sentiment analysis and personalized recommendations. In addition, employee recognition and reward functions (badges, points, certificates) are integrated to increase motivation.

3. Integration with Microsoft 365

Yammer: Required separate implementation and management from Microsoft 365.

Viva Engage: Is fully integrated with the Microsoft 365 suite, making it easy to adopt for companies already using tools such as SharePoint, Teams and Outlook.

4. Personalization

Yammer : Offered a limited level of customization. 

Viva Engage : Offers personalized recommendations for content and connections based on employees’ interests and activity, enabling more relevant content discovery and more meaningful connections.

5. Mobile App

Yammer: Was integrated with the Microsoft Teams application, requiring the use of the latter to access the platform.

Viva Engage: Has a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android, allowing employees to access the platform directly without going through Teams.

6. Pricing

Yammer: Offered a free version with limited functionality and a paid version for more advanced features.

Viva Engage: Also offers a free version and a premium version with advanced features. The price difference can be significant, depending on the organization’s specific needs.


In conclusion, while both Yammer and Viva Engage are designed to improve internal communication and employee engagement, Viva Engage stands out for its advanced functionality and deep integration with Microsoft 365. Companies will benefit from diversified communication channels, robust content management tools and in-depth analytics to maximize employee engagement.

Still, why are Yammer and Viva Engage not enough?

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