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Many companies have an intranet that they use for communications, file sharing and collaboration, but far fewer have an actual digital workplace that functions as the hub of their business activities.

A digital workplace is an online hub designed to replicate many aspects of the real-world workplace. Often operating atop various intranet solutions, this hub hosts a number of different platforms, each with a different workplace functionality. There are collaboration platforms designed to replicate a typical meeting room experience. There are file-sharing platforms designed to replace the sharing of paper documents. There are even social tools designed to host casual water cooler chats.

Even though your employee may already be using these platforms in an ad hoc digital workplace, the adoption of a digital workplace solution is a big undertaking, and it involves a major transition. And yet, the adoption of a digital workplace can lead to a number of business benefits, which are listed below.

Unified Communications

Communication is vital to any organization and bringing all forms of digital communications under the same umbrella is what a digital workplace is all about. When employees can find all of their company’s digital communications in the same place, it avoids miscommunications and confusion. A one-stop-shop for company communications also helps to build a unified culture then reinforce core values.

Because a lot of the communications within a digital workplace are text-based, it also helps to promote a sense of accountability. Unlike in a real workplace, where employees may not hear instructions or they disregard them, a digital workplace records all text messages between employees. Search functions within the workplace make it a resource for employees when they are confused about expectations. But this high level of documentation also makes it a tool for holding people accountable.

Better Productivity

When employees have to use a collection of disjointed tools, it can lead to haphazard workflows.

A digital workplace collects all of an organization’s tools and places them into an intuitive structure. The typical landing page for digital workplace features the latest company news, access to file storage, a social media feed, a planning calendar or more. Employees can easily bounce from one tool to another without having to open and close windows. The result is a streamlining of workflows that leads to higher productivity.

Higher productivity can also lead to a positive feedback loop: Employees who feel more productive will feel more inspired and motivated to do a good job.

Better Collaboration

A typical digital workplace includes a number of tools that enable better employee collaborations. For example, employees who want to collaborate in real-time over text message can do so using Microsoft Teams, while employees working on non-synchronous, long-term collaborations can’t share and edit documents on SharePoint.

The collaboration tools hosted by a digital workplace allow users to track their collaboration efforts. For example, communications can be memorialized, and different versions of a document can be stored for later reference.

The result is a platform that successfully emulates key features of collaborating in an actual workplace, but with greater capability, flexibility and accessibility.

Better Employee Engagement

The higher levels of productivity and collaboration that come from a digital workplace are easy to quantify. Employee experience is much more difficult to quantify but just as important. Employee engagement is critical when it comes to keeping employees motivated, inspired and satisfied. High levels of employee engagement also lead to higher profitability and lower turnover.

The typical employee’s day involves many different tasks, responsibilities and experiences. A digital workplace helps make tasks and responsibilities easier, which leads to a better experience.

A digital workplace also supports employees’ long-term journey with the company. During an onboarding process, a digital workplace can provide access to necessary onboarding documentation. As a staff member develops with a company, a digital workplace can provide resources for learning. A digital workplace can even help with exit interviews and an employee’s final days with the company, helping to sustain continuity and preserve accumulated knowledge.

Better Work-Life Balance

Of course, employees have lives outside of the office, and a digital workplace can help them to maintain the ideal work-life balance.

The pandemic led to an explosion of remote working. A digital workplace helps newly remote workers get their bearings and stay on course. It also helps hybrid workers move seamlessly from working on-premise to at home.

When used properly, a digital workplace can promote self-care and mental well-being. It allows employees to access the workplace at times that best suit their lifestyle. Responsible organizations can also take steps to ensure the blurring of lines between work and home does not lead to burnout and stress. Some digital workplaces even include tools that help managers identify signs of burnout before the condition sets in, allowing for a proactive approach.

Better Company Culture

Company culture can be a powerful tool that supports employee engagement, recruitment and more.

Creating a strong company culture sounds easy, but it isn’t, and it’s gotten even more challenging as companies adopt hybrid and remote working models. Getting everybody on the same cultural page was hard enough when they were all working in the same buildings.

A digital workplace is particularly well suited to helping organizations build the strong company culture that they want. Internal communications teams can share news with employees regardless of their location. Employees can interact socially and even connect to one another through virtual team-building events.

Tryane Can Provide Even More Benefits from a Digital Workplace

When company leaders use an analytics solution from Tryane, they gain a deep, granular understanding of just how employees are using their digital workplace.

Many workplaces are built on Microsoft 365 and our analytics solution can reveal which Microsoft tools employees use most. Our Microsoft 365 solution can also compare users’ behaviors, identify use patterns, coordinate communications, spot trending topics and more. Please contact us today to schedule a free consultation.