In today’s workplace, internal communication is essential to boost employee engagement and productivity. With tools like SharePoint and Viva Engage, measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of your communication strategies is easier than ever. Here are some tips to achieve this simply and effectively.

What is the Purpose of Internal Communication?

Internal communication primarily aims to strengthen employee engagement and promote a sense of belonging within the company. By regularly sharing information about the organization’s strategies, successes, and challenges, it fosters a climate of transparency and trust. It also encourages dialogue and exchanges, allowing employees to feel heard and valued. By aligning individual goals with those of the company, internal communication boosts motivation and collective performance. In short, it plays a crucial role in creating a cohesive and positive corporate culture, where every member feels involved and invested in the common success.

Define KPIs and Key Metrics

To track the impact of your strategies, start by defining performance indicators (KPIs). For example:

  • Employee Engagement: Number of forum participations, comments, and reactions on posts.
  • Productivity: Project and task completion times, number of shared and collaborated documents.
  • Tool Adoption: Usage rate of SharePoint and Viva Engage, login frequency, and number of active sessions.

Conduct Surveys and Polls

Regular surveys are an excellent way to gather employee opinions on internal communication. Ask questions about:

  • Their satisfaction with the tools used.
  • Their perception of communication effectiveness.
  • Their suggestions for improvement.

Analyze Usage Data

Utilize the analytical capabilities of SharePoint and Viva Engage to track:

  • The number of visits to pages and documents.
  • The frequency and types of employee contributions.
  • Interactions in groups and communities.

Gather Direct Feedback

Organize feedback sessions with your teams to understand their specific needs and challenges. Encourage open exchanges to identify friction points and opportunities for improvement.

Perform Qualitative Analysis

Examine the content of interactions on Viva Engage to identify recurring themes, frequent questions, and employee suggestions. This will provide valuable insights into their concerns and interests.

Share Case Studies and Concrete Examples

Highlight examples of successful projects or initiatives enabled by good internal communication. Document the steps and results achieved to inspire other teams.

Create Interactive Dashboards

Dashboards in SharePoint allow you to visualize KPIs and collected data. This enables continuous monitoring and real-time analysis of the impact of your communication strategies.

Offer Continuous Training and Support

Ensure that employees receive adequate training on using the tools and best communication practices. Continuous support is crucial to maximize engagement and productivity.

Make Comparisons

Compare results across different periods or between various teams to identify best practices and the most effective strategies.

Conduct 360-Degree Evaluations

Implement 360-degree evaluation mechanisms where employees can evaluate and be evaluated on their communication and collaboration. This provides a comprehensive view of the effectiveness of internal interactions.


Utilizing the native methods and analytical capabilities of SharePoint and Viva Engage is a good starting point to get an overview of the impact of your internal communication strategies. However, these tools quickly become insufficient. To continuously improve employee engagement and productivity, it is essential to regularly track performance and gather feedback to adapt and optimize your internal communication strategies.

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