In today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape, organizations recognize the significance of fostering a strong sense of employee engagement. Engaged employees are more productive, motivated, and contribute positively to the company’s overall success.

Microsoft has launched Viva Engage, formerly known as Yammer, to help companies with their internal communications and employee engagement.
Viva Engage is now available in 2 versions. The first is Viva Engage Standard, which provides a solid foundation for managing employee communications. The second solution, Viva Engage Premium, provides even more elements to improve employee engagement.
But what are the differences between the two solutions? And which one should you choose?

In this article, we will dive deep into the features and benefits of each offering, providing you with a comprehensive analysis to help you make an informed decision for your organization.

1. Overview of Viva Engage

Viva Engage serves as a foundation for employee engagement, empowering organizations to connect, communicate, and collaborate effectively. It can be used as a tool to help organizations improve the performance of their campaigns and meet the Challenges of their Internal Communications. Let’s explore some of its key features:

Feature 1: Employee Communications
Effective communication lies at the heart of any successful organization. Viva Engage provides a centralized platform that enables seamless communication between employees and teams. Through features like news articles, announcements, and event notifications, employees stay informed and connected to the latest updates and company news. This boosts transparency, enhances collaboration, and fosters a sense of unity within the organization.

Feature 2: Knowledge Sharing and Content Creation
Knowledge sharing is crucial for employee growth and organizational innovation. Viva Engage Standard facilitates the creation and sharing of valuable content across the organization. Employees can contribute their expertise, insights, and best practices, fostering a culture of continuous learning. With powerful content creation tools, such as blogs, wikis, and forums, Viva Engage becomes a hub of knowledge, allowing employees to access information easily and collaborate effectively.

Feature 3: Town Hall and Leadership Connections
Engaging with leadership and providing employees a platform to express their thoughts is vital for building trust and fostering a positive work environment. Viva Engage Standard offers interactive town halls, where employees can directly connect with leadership, ask questions, and gain insights into the organization’s vision and strategy. This level of transparency encourages open dialogue, strengthens employee morale, and builds a sense of belonging.

2. Overview of Viva Engage Premium

While Viva Engage provides a strong foundation, Viva Engage Premium takes employee engagement to new heights with its advanced features. Let’s explore the additional capabilities offered by Viva Engage Premium:

Feature 1: Leadership corner
Observe and engage in activities led by key figures, contribute to surveys, participate in discussions through hashtag campaigns and Ask Me Anything sessions (AMAs), and establish connections with emerging leaders throughout the organization.

Feature 2: Advanced storylines
Create and share narrative posts and stories on behalf of another user to highlight and emphasize topics that are currently prominent for leaders and employees.

Feature 3: Answers in Viva
Discover solutions by utilizing a blend of semantic search and responses gathered from the crowd. Leverage expertise, crowdsource answers, and capture as well as preserve valuable knowledge.

Feature 4: Community campaigns
Establish and oversee organization-wide campaigns using dedicated campaign pages that consolidate posts from your entire network into a cohesive view. Utilize analytics to facilitate goal-setting and enhance your outreach efforts.

Feature 5: Custom Branding and Design
Viva Engage Premium allows organizations to showcase their brand identity by customizing the platform’s design and branding elements. This feature enables businesses to align the platform’s visual identity with their brand guidelines, creating a seamless and immersive employee experience. Custom branding instills a sense of pride and ownership among employees, fostering a stronger connection to the organization’s mission and values.

3. Comparison between Viva Engage Standard and Viva Engage Premium

Now that we have explored the features of both Viva Engage and Viva Engage Premium, let’s compare them side by side to help you determine the most suitable option for your organization.

FeaturesViva EngageViva Engage Premium
Employee CommunicationsYesYes
Knowledge SharingYesYes
Town Hall and LeadershipYesYes
Advanced AnalyticsNoYes
Personalized ExperiencesNoYes
Custom Branding and DesignNoYes

4. Pricing and Subscription Options

To leverage the features of Viva Engage Premium, you must subscribe to either the Microsoft Viva Employee Communications and Communities plan, priced at $2/user/month, or opt for the complete Viva suite, which costs $12/user/month. The complete Viva suite provides access to all Viva apps, including Viva Connections, Viva Engage, Viva Insights, Viva Amplify, Viva Glint, Viva Pulse, Viva Goals, and Viva Learning. For a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Viva plans and pricing details, please visit the official Microsoft Viva pricing page at

5. Viva Engage Premium’s shortcomings

To fill the gaps of Viva Engage’s premium features, Tryane Analytics’ latest solution, Communication Insights, offers more features to help you boost the efficiency of your internal communication campaigns. With its advanced analytics and data-driven approach, Communication Insights provides valuable insights into employee engagement, communication effectiveness, and campaign performance. By harnessing this powerful tool, you can better understand your employees’ needs, identify areas for improvement, and tailor your internal communication strategies for maximum impact.

For this, we have prepared a comparison of the 3 solutions, Viva Engage, Premium VS Tryane Analytics :

Viva EngageVivaEngage PremiumTryane Analytics
– Advertisements
– Storylines
– Questions and answers
– Virtual events
– Conversations
– Analytical
– Headings
– Sentiment in Audience
– Top discussion themes
– Leader announcement viewers
– Active Community members
– Active Leader storyline users
– Audience Activity & Engagement
– Most Active Communities across audience
– People who reacted, replied & posted
– People reached over time
– People following over time
– Reach Breakdown (viewers, followers, audience) 
– Top conversations
– Reactions split
– Top comments & communities
– Community / Storyline Split
– Custom time periods & Unlimited Data History on any time period (Monthly, quarterly, yearly, custom) without any data history limit
– Get a deep dive into the scope of your corporate news efforts
– Easy Audience Segmentation by country, department, business unit…
– Having a view on your monthly top contents and allows you to look at your most popular pages, documents, announcements, news…
– Analysing user behavior
– Having a Meta-data content filter
– Learn how users interact
– Increase engagement by identifying inactive users
– Efficient search Analysis
– Active content identification with filters & Inactive content identification with filters
– Dedicated access for SP site owner
– SP site traffic source
– Automated insights broadcast
– Personnalized reports in 1 click
– …


Employee engagement is vital for organizations to thrive in today’s dynamic business environment. Microsoft’s Viva Engage Standard and Viva Engage Premium offer powerful solutions to foster employee engagement, communication, and collaboration. While Viva Engage Standard provides a solid foundation, Viva Engage Premium elevates the employee experience with advanced analytics, personalized experiences, and custom branding. By understanding the unique needs of your organization, you can choose the option that best aligns with your goals and priorities.

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