Image blog post : Tryane's 2022 Digital Workplace Benchmark Report - Tryane Analytics for internal communications

A digital workplace benchmark report provides organizations with a comprehensive overview of how their digital workplace stacks up against industry standards and best practices. By analyzing key performance indicators such as employee adoption rates, collaboration effectiveness, and technology usage, organizations can gain valuable insights into their digital workplace performance and identify areas for improvement. This report helps organizations understand how they compare to their peers and provides a roadmap for achieving greater success in their digital transformation efforts. With this information, decision-makers can make data-driven decisions and investments to ensure their digital workplace is driving innovation, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

The purpose of this benchmarking report is to contrast some of the most popular digital workplaces on the market.

Company leaders and internal communications should use this tool as a measure of how each digital workplace can enable communication and collaboration within their organization.

In this Benchmark report you will find out:

  1. A Contrast of the most popular digitalworkplaces on the market such as Unily, Beezy or even Lumapps.
  2. The Digital Workplace on the market that fits you the most according to your needs.
  3. A scoring of each 10 plateforms based on the analyzing publicly-available information, including dozens of user reviews.

Find this out and more by downloading the full report down below!

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