This White paper provides key insights gathered after interviewing more than 50 organizations about their Office 365 governance practices.

Companies today are making a fast switch to cloud-based solutions like Office O365. This transition surely has an impact and may challenge the way tools and resources are governed.

To better understand these challenges, we lead a study in which we interviewed IT & Governance experts from 50+ organizations ranking from less than 1,000 employees to over 50,000 employees, allowing us to have a better grasp of the challenges and situation regarding governance in Office 365.

In this White Paper you will find out:

  1. If you should force approval workflows from the beginning or remediate governance problems afterwards.
  2. Which Office 365 tools are the most important to govern?
  3. What are the 4 main problems IT focuses on when launching a governance strategy?
Find this out and more by downloading the full report here:

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