In my previous blog post I explained why ESN analytics matter for your organization. Let’s now take a step back to see how your ESN (or Yammer) influences your organization.


One of the objectives of a social network is to connect people. For Yammer this is not different. With the recent shift toward more flexible working hours, virtual and flex offices, Yammer can be used to connect with your colleagues from any place, at any time. You can access documents and other information from wherever you are working at that moment. Consequently, Yammer can help in making flexible working possible.


The first thing you might notice on Yammer, when your members are engaged, is the increased flow of information. Documents, announcements, meetings and more will become available on the network within their specific groups, or for the whole company. Where the resources come from different members, departments, or locations. This will also save your employees time to find documents and information. Moreover, as I have explained in my previous blog post, Yammer helps to improve decision making in the company by sharing information.


One influence which you will not notice on Yammer is employee engagement. Here I do not mean the engagement to Yammer, but the engagement to the organization. In the Enterprise Social Network employees can get support, interact with their colleagues and share ideas. In this way you will connect your employees and give them a voice by participating in conversations and initiate new ideas. In turn, this will lead to more loyal employees.


As Yammer points out in the product’s description, the tool can be used to break internal barriers. First of all, by finding information across departments and project teams. Secondly, you can find and connect with experts who might be able to make your work more efficient. Thirdly, you can see, respond and use information from other departments. Here you will not only be informed and engaged with your own department, but also with your colleagues and other departments. So overall, Yammer helps to connect with different departments and people from shop floor to management.


Besides the influences which can be noticed from the tool itself, there are some offline influences of Yammer on the communication within the organization as well. The information you gain online and share with your colleagues in the office is one of these influences. You might discuss an announcement or a document fetched on Yammer during a physical meeting. In the end Yammer leads to better informed employees which improves the communication both online and offline.

In conclusion, the influences from Yammer are not only noticed online. When people are more engaged they will share more information on the platform. People will also be able to fetch this information from Yammer, and use the new knowledge for decision making, engaging your employees, breaking the organizational silos, and to use in the offline environment.