Inspire is Microsoft’s partner-dedicated conference where we get to build connections and develop Partner to Partner (P2P) business programs. In our case, we’ll be connecting with integrators and consulting companies to promote Tryane; an easy to use dashboard which is ready to actively pilot digital transformation based on Office 365.

Attending Inspire is also an opportunity for Tryane to collect key business and technical information ahead of the public announcements, which are usually released at Ignite in September. By networking with the Microsoft French team during the French events taking place there and taking full advantage of the possibilities to arrange meetings with technical, product or marketing Microsoft teams, we synchronize Tryane’s solutions and evolutions to Microsoft’s roadmap as closely as possible.

Attending Inspire in Las Vegas with a team of 4 people surely represents an investment of time and money, which we fully embrace with the goal of growing awareness around Tryane’s solutions in the Office 365 ecosystem.

Every year, not only Tryane releases new features within the existing products but also new solutions are added to their catalog: this year Tryane will present Tryane Analytics for Office 365 and the new Machine Learning capabilities to detect talents and analysis employee engagement.

Last, but certainly not least, we consider Inspire to be a great opportunity to learn about Office 365 from within the partner network; be it through discussions with experts but also by networking with marketing and sales people ready to share their experiences.