One of the main things that concern our customers around the world is their struggle to keep their Yammer engagement rates afloat. Some of them have seen a peak, only for it to drop some months later, so they come to us and ask: how are other companies dealing with this?

To answer this question, we took on the task of identifying one of the most engaged companies among our circle to get some first-hand information and data on how they keep that engagement growing.

This case study exposes all the tips and insider clues on how to constantly grow your engagement rates in Yammer, from one of the most engaged companies in South East Asia.

Here are some of the tips and tricks you’ll find:

  1. How to double your engagement seamlessly
  2. Which areas to target to obtain better results
  3. A well-built communications strategy
  4. How to make sure users keep coming back to join the conversation

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