In the ever-evolving corporate landscape, creating an interactive workplace is a priority. Viva Engage (formerly Yammer), a platform revolutionizing internal communication, has seen a remarkable 50% surge in engagement, and analytics plays a pivotal role in this transformation. This guide explores how analytics is driving Viva Engage engagement and reshaping the corporate communication landscape.

Part 1: Understanding the Power of Analytics

Data-Driven Decisions:
In the digital age, data is a goldmine, revealing insights into user behavior, preferences, and trends. Analytics tools serve as the alchemist’s workshop, transforming raw data into actionable insights. Metrics such as post interactions, user engagement patterns, and content reach empower businesses to make informed decisions. From identifying popular discussion topics to recognizing active user groups, analytics guides organizations in refining their Viva Engage / Yammer engagement strategies.

Viva Engage Role in Corporate Communication:
Before delving into analytics, understanding Viva Engage role is crucial. It serves as a connectivity beacon, providing a secure platform for real-time collaboration, idea brainstorming, and problem-solving. Beyond communication, Viva Engage / Yammer is where the pulse of the organization beats—the dynamic space where innovation meets conversation. To maximize its effectiveness, organizations must decode interactions through analytics.

Leveraging Analytics to Enhance Viva Engage (Yammer) Engagement:

  • Identifying Engagement Patterns:
    Analytics sifts through Viva Engage interactions, revealing preferred content types, optimal posting times, and active user groups. Armed with this knowledge, organizations can tailor content strategies, ensuring messages not only get seen but also enthusiastically engaged with.
  • Creating Targeted Campaigns:
    Understanding user behavior allows the creation of laser-focused campaigns. By segmenting the audience based on preferences and roles, organizations can design initiatives fostering inclusivity and relevance. Department-specific challenges, recognition programs, and knowledge-sharing sessions tailored for specific teams drive engagement to unprecedented levels.
  • Measuring Impact and Iterating:
    Analytics provides the ability to measure the impact of engagement initiatives. By tracking metrics like increased participation rates and enhanced knowledge sharing, organizations can gauge strategy effectiveness. Analytics also offers the flexibility to iterate and adapt. If a campaign falls short, organizations can pivot swiftly based on real-time feedback.

Part 2: Understanding User Behavior

In Viva Engage / Yammer’s digital realm, every click, like, and comment tells a story. Analytics tools act as a magnifying glass, enabling organizations to delve into the intricate web of user behavior.

Analyzing Post Engagement:
Post engagement metrics reveal more than numbers; they unveil audience preferences. High likes and reactions signify approval and resonance, while low engagement may indicate a need for more compelling content or a shift in focus.

Deciphering Comments:
Comments reflect not only interest but also understanding and emotional connection. Analyzing comments unveils questions, concerns, and ideas within the workforce. Identifying recurring patterns allows organizations to address concerns proactively and tailor content to specific queries.

Tracking Shares and Collaborations:
Shares on Viva Engage/ Yammer go beyond endorsement; they signify content that resonates deeply. Shared posts often spark collaborative efforts and knowledge sharing. Monitoring shares identifies content with a lasting impact, enabling the curation of similar materials to sustain engagement momentum.

The Art of Continuous Improvement:
Understanding user behavior is an ongoing process. Consistently analyzing engagement metrics identifies evolving trends. Staying agile and adapting content strategy ensures relevance as employees’ interests evolve.

Part 3: Identifying Peak Activity Times

The Game-Changing Feature: “Best Time to Post” by Communication Insight:
At the forefront of this analytics-driven transformation is Communication Insight’s “Best Time to Post.” This feature operates as a beacon, guiding organizations toward optimal posting moments. By considering time zones, work hours, and historical engagement patterns, it intelligently identifies windows of maximum receptivity. To learn more about this feature, contact us.

Implementing a Winning Strategy:
To harness analytics and features like “Best Time to Post,” a proactive approach is essential. Integrating analytics tools into the communication framework and regularly analyzing data ensures content remains relevant and resonates with the audience.

Part 4: Personalizing Content for Relevance

Understanding Audience Segmentation:

Analytics bestows the ability to understand the audience on a granular level. Dissecting engagement data identifies distinct segments within the organization. Each segment comes with unique interests, challenges, and aspirations, allowing for tailored messages.

Tailoring Messages with Precision:

Armed with insights from analytics, organizations can tailor messages precisely. Addressing specific interests creates valuable content customized for the audience’s benefit, fostering a profound sense of belonging.

Fostering a Sense of Belonging:

Personalized content goes beyond relevance; it fosters a sense of belonging. When employees receive messages aligned with their roles and interests, they feel acknowledged and valued, creating a stronger bond between the individual and the organization.

Driving Proactive Engagement:

Personalized messages inspire proactive engagement. Employees are more likely to engage with content directly related to their responsibilities, driving discussions, questions, and collaboration. This proactive engagement becomes a catalyst for innovation and knowledge sharing.

Evolving with Feedback:

Personalization’s beauty lies in its ability to evolve. Feedback mechanisms provided by Yammer, coupled with analytics insights, create a continuous improvement loop. Monitoring responses and interactions ensures that personalized content remains consistently impactful.

Part 5: Other Tips

Leveraging Popular Topics:

Analytics unveil trending topics on Viva Engage, offering cues to pique employees’ interest. Embracing these themes in communication strategies encourages discussions and contributions.

Encouraging Employee Advocacy:

Identify internal influencers and encourage them to advocate for initiatives. When influencers engage, it inspires others, creating a domino effect of engagement.

A/B Testing for Optimization:

Experimentation is powerful. A/B testing gauges the effectiveness of different content types, posting schedules, or discussion topics. Analyzing results refines engagement strategies continually.

Analyzing Feedback for Improvement:

Most analytics tools provide feedback mechanisms. Positive responses indicate resonating content, while constructive criticism offers insights for improvement. Acting on this feedback loop enhances the quality of content and engagement initiatives.

Promoting Interactive Content:

Interactive content, such as polls and surveys, invites active participation. Analytics identify engaging formats, providing valuable feedback on employee preferences. Regularly incorporating these elements boosts engagement and offers insights into employee opinions.


In conclusion, analytics is the driving force behind the remarkable engagement surge of Viva Engage (Yammer). From understanding user behavior to personalized content strategies, organizations can maximize the platform’s potential, creating a dynamic and interactive digital workplace. Embracing analytics is not just a trend; it’s a strategic imperative for organizations looking to foster a culture of collaboration and innovation on Yammer.

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