Workplace, the enterprise social network launched by Meta (formerly Facebook) in 2016, had become a central tool for many companies. Providing a dedicated space for collaboration, discussions, and information sharing, Workplace quickly became a cornerstone of corporate communication for thousands of organizations worldwide.

However, despite its initial success, Workplace recently announced its closure. This decision, made by Meta, was driven by a strategic refocus on other initiatives, leaving many companies searching for alternative solutions to ensure the continuity of their internal communication.

The End of Workplace

The closure of Workplace has raised questions about the reasons behind this decision. Although Meta has not provided specific details, several factors may have contributed to this decision:

  • Strategic Refocus: Meta may have chosen to redirect its resources towards other projects considered more strategic for the company’s future.
  • Market Evolution: With the emergence of new technologies and communication platforms, Workplace might have faced increasing competition and challenges to remain competitive.
  • Changes in Business Priorities: The needs and priorities of companies regarding internal communication may have evolved, leading to a decline in demand for Workplace’s services.

Whatever the exact reason, the closure of Workplace has left many companies looking for alternative solutions to meet their internal communication needs. This is where Viva Engage comes into play.

Why Viva Engage?

  • Integration with the Microsoft Ecosystem: Viva Engage is integrated into Microsoft 365, offering perfect synergy with other familiar tools like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Outlook. This allows a smooth transition for Workplace users who are already familiar with the Microsoft ecosystem.
  • Specific Features for Internal Communication: Viva Engage is designed specifically to enhance internal communication within companies. It offers features such as community creation, real-time discussions, announcements sharing, and polls, thus promoting engagement and collaboration among employees.
  • Basic Analytics: Viva Engage provides basic analytics that allow tracking employee engagement, analyzing communication trends, and measuring the impact of messages. This enables companies to make informed decisions to improve their communication strategy. However, for more in-depth analysis, investing in a more advanced solution like Communication Insight is recommended to obtain more detailed KPIs and insights.
  • Customization and Flexibility: The Viva Engage platform is highly customizable, allowing companies to adapt it to their specific internal communication needs. Whether creating workgroups, discussion forums, or information pages, Viva Engage offers unprecedented flexibility.

How to Transition?

  1. Assess Needs and Objectives: Before transitioning to Viva Engage, it is essential to understand your company’s internal communication needs and objectives. Identify the essential features and priorities for a successful transition.
  2. User Training and Awareness: Organize training sessions to familiarize employees with Viva Engage. Highlight the platform’s benefits and show how it can enhance their daily work experience.
  3. Data and Content Migration: Ensure that important data and content from Workplace are correctly migrated to Viva Engage. This may include discussions, documents, announcements, and other internal communication elements.
  4. Testing and Adjustments: After the transition, closely monitor the use of Viva Engage and gather user feedback. Make necessary adjustments to meet the evolving needs of your company and employees.


Viva Engage offers a solid alternative to Workplace for internal corporate communication. With its advanced features, seamless integration with the Microsoft ecosystem, and flexibility, Viva Engage can help companies maintain and enhance their internal communication effectively and efficiently. By following the appropriate transition steps, companies can ensure a successful adoption of Viva Engage and fully leverage its benefits to promote employee engagement and strengthen corporate culture.