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Introducing the Only SaaS Tool You Need to Ensure the Effectiveness of Your Enterprise Yammer Communications

Tryane’s AI-enabled analytics solution for Yammer is the key you need to transform your internal communications strategy and reach.

Download Tryane’s Yammer Benchmark Report to gather key insights from our analysis of over 2 million Yammer users.

With This Knowledge Base of Yammer Data Points You’ll learn:

  • Which regions use Yammer the most
  • How company size affects Yammer engagement
  • Which industries were the top performers in 2020

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Fortune 500 companies use Tryane Analytics for Yammer

Problems Tryane Analytics For Yammer Solves

How do we find the best way to reach people who say “I had no idea this was going on”?When something really important was missed. People sometimes tell me “Nobody told me that?” With Tryane, I’m able to get staff members to take action by using data that points to best practices.

— Communication Manager, Global Beverage Corporation

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Analytics: The Missing Ingredient

With Yammer’s recent redesign, Tryane’s complementary analytics solution fits better than ever! Our best-in-class analytics for Yammer gathers the information you need to benchmark performance measures and report on the ROI of your internal communications.

Who Benefits From Yammer Analytics?

  • Internal communications departments
  • Yammer community managers
  • Human resources managers
  • Change management consultants
  • Implementation teams
  • Microsoft IT consultants
  • Enterprise organizations

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Tryane Is Designed for Internal Communications

Our Yammer analytics tool is a plug-and-play SaaS solution that comes with a free trial to help give you a feel for our intelligent User Experience (UX). You’ll see which content is gaining traction and where you can improve user engagement. Tryane’s analytics break down enterprise silos to build more transparent and accessible cross-functional communities.

A business case for our premium product illustrates powerful metrics that can empower your organization to make more strategic communication decisions. Tryane has an extensive database of user-oriented queries and solutions available only for premium product users. This library of Yammer analytics issues and solutions contains data points found nowhere else.

Powered by AI and Machine Learning

Tryane’s patented AI technology shows you key trends and topics such as your most active and inactive groups and which content is most engaging. Using a unique algorithm, it identifies community influencers and scores them according to topics.

Our MS-compliant solution securely automates access for community managers, making efficiency a breeze.

Benefits to Your Organizational Model

Tryane’s analytics help you know precisely which departments (with the most inactive users) have a low adoption of Yammer, so you can focus your efforts on getting them to join and boost usage.

You can easily integrate your unique organizational model and import custom properties to compare community behaviors that fit your business — for instance, to see how information is consumed and put to use across different departments. Tryane analytics help drive enthusiastic adoption, with seamless integrations with the Office 365 Active Directory, SharePoint, and Yammer user profile data.

Tryane’s analytics empower people across different platforms to make better decisions in their respective roles by illustrating which communications platforms and techniques drive the highest engagement. This essential data helps inform management so that so that staff don’t miss critical user threads or issues.

Leverage Tryane’s analytics to

Drive Adoption

Compare your users behavior

Discover Trends

Identify the trending topics thanks to Machine Learning

Identify Influencers

Empower your community managers with their group's KPIs

Analyze Outreach

Analyze how your announcements are performing

Boost Engagement

By identifying and onboarding inactive users

Benchmark Performance

Benchmark your performance against similar organizations (3M+ users)

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence Tryane is Bringing New Insights:


Search for any topic to gather insights about it

Subject Matter

Detect the experts for a specific topic


Analyze the sentiments of your users

Tryane is Trusted With Security By Design

Tryane is a Certified SOC 2 SaaS Provider

We understand the limitations of Yammer’s native reporting, and we’ve seen businesses make the costly mistake of tasking their in-house IT shop with building a custom analytics solution for Yammer.

Leverage our fully compliant, pre-built solution, and keep your internal teams focused on their core competencies. We don’t recommend “trial and error” management for enterprise social networks like Yammer.

Obtain a Knowledge Base of Yammer Data Points.

Download our Yammer Benchmark Report to gather key insights from our analysis of over 2 million Yammer users.

For example, you’ll learn how Yammer engagement continued to grow during the pandemic, and how top management facilitated its communication and growth.

Download Your Yammer Benchmark Report now