28 January 2021

Tryane’s Yammer Benchmark Report 2020

2020 was a year full of change. With a worldwide pandemic impacting our everyday lives, working from home became a rule and our urge to connect with others became crucial. Thankfully, 2020 was also the year where Enterprise Social Networks, such as Yammer, came to ease our needs to communicate and stay connected.  

Tryane’s benchmark on Yammer is one of the largest in the industry.  For this report we analyzed the activity and behaviors of over 350 networks in Yammer combining more than 2M users. These networks have been classified by size, industry and region to have a true picture on how today’s market is performing.

This benchmark report provides key insights on how Yammer was used in 2020, showcasing 6 key findings that we consider essential to the better understanding of the tool and its benefits.

  1. Which region was the most engaged in 2020? 
  2. Did engagement decrease due to the COVID-19 crisis? 
Find this out and more by downloading the full report here: 

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