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Compare the performance of all your campaigns in one place

Communication throughout an enterprise can be painstaking: are newsletters being read; are the emails being deleted; which messaging channels are most efficient? With Tryane Analytics, you can find the answers to these questions and all of your KPI needs in one place.

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Tryane’s analytics for Yammer is the top-rated recommended solution on Microsoft’s AppSource Directory.

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Have an Impact on All Employees

Our analytics tools can be used for enterprise level businesses in the following areas and more:

Analyze the performance of your communications

Boost the engagement and analyze your announcements’ effectiveness in one place. Compare users behaviors across communication platforms to enhance messaging within your enterprise. 

Slice and dice your data by country, department or any relevant attribute

Learn how your business is performing against the competition. Tryane analytics gives you data to grow a simplified and time-saving solution to your communications problems.

Identify your key influencers

See the value of being able to detect key influencers throughout your organization who can help Internal Communications teams convey important messages.

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Tryane’s analytics tools give convenient insight to your communication

Our services can be tailored to what your business needs and keep your enterprise informed.

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Fortune 500 companies use Tryane Analytics

Tryane’s analytics tools give you a one-stop-shop.

Streamline your communication efficiency from firstline workers to the corporate office. Enterprise level companies can access data with itemized organization based on your needs. Analyze data by groups, departments, regions, or countries at glance:

Tryane Analytics for Yammer

Track the performance of your posts, boost employee engagement, identify influencers, discover trending topics and users sentiment.


Tryane Analytics for Sharepoint

Analyze the reach of your corporate news on your Intranet, boost employee engagement, assess where your traffic is coming from, compare your communication’s performance and analyze what’s working and what’s not.

You shouldn’t have to guess and hope for the best when it comes to your internal communications. We want you to have the pulse of everything that’s happening.

There are more than 1,500 companies using Tryane Analytics. Tryane helps you:

  • Monitor the engagement rate of your group.
  • Improve onboarding efficiency by communicating with people who are not yet using your internal tools.
  • Pinpoint the type of activity on your network.

Our analytics tools allow you to efficiently track the ROI of internal communications on your network so you can get the most value from them. Contact us for more information to schedule a consultation with one of Tryane’s top advisors to evaluate your enterprise’s communication needs.

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What Our Clients Have To Say About Tryane

How do we find the best way to reach people who say “I had no idea this was going on”? When something really important was missed. People sometimes tell me “Nobody told me that?”
With Tryane, I’m able to get staff members to take action by using data that points to best practices.

— Communications Manager, Global Beverage Corporation

Obtain a Knowledge Base of Yammer Data Points.

Download our Yammer Benchmark Report to gather key insights from our analysis of over 2 million Yammer users.

For example, you’ll learn how Yammer engagement continued to grow during the pandemic, and how top management facilitated its communication and growth.

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