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Internal Communications

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featuring Yammer and Sharepoint

Tryane is for Internal Communication Professionals who:

  • Want to enhance the efficiency of their communications with advanced KPIs
  • Want to boost the adoption of their digital workplace
  • Want to identify key influencers

IT Teams


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featuring Microsoft Teams, Office 356, and Governance

Tryane is for IT Teams who:

  • Wants to overcome IT governance obstacles
  • Maximize software usage and minimize expenditures
  • Manage guest access to ensure security, and more

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What Our Clients Have To Say About Tryane

The benefits of using Tryane to look at Yammer’s effectiveness is mainly that it increases the adoption of communications channels like Yammer. I think Tryane has a good product because before using Tryane we were measuring Yammer usage manually. Tryane makes our data points accurate and very specific.

— Group Leadership & Employee Communications Director, Global Foodservice Company

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Discover how each Digital Workplace can foster communication and collaboration within their

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Tell Us About Your Communications Challenges