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Get the engagement and compliance you want on MS Teams®

Define what “good adoption” means for your organization
Identify and engage the most or least active teams
Centrally manage team lifecycles
Govern guest access and external app compliance
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Our Microsoft Teams Analytics seamlessly manage the deployment and lifecycle of MS Teams®

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Tryane is for anyone that implements, optimizes, evangelizes or governs Microsoft Teams® across an organization

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    adoption criteria and data across teams and individuals.

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    owners of power teams and leverage their best practice for other teams. 

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    third-party app usage across different teams and orgs. 

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    guests and revoke access for non-compliance. 

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    by prompting owners of inactive teams to take action using automated messaging. 

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    orphan teams by requiring 2+ owners for each team. 

Your 1-stop shop for Microsoft Teams® insights and management

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Look at Microsoft Teams® usage across organizations.

Customize your dashboard for granular insights.

Identify your most and least used teams.

Keep track of your guest users and external domains.


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Drive collaboration, not just usage. Identify and leverage power users across your organization.

Export a list of team leads for your most and least engaged teams. Use their help to facilitate best practice conversations.

Stay on top of inactive or orphaned teams. Quickly determine ownership and action plans.

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Seamlessly expire inactive teams, remove non-compliant guests or application integrations.

Bulk-revoke access for non-compliant or inactive guests

Create automated workflows for actioning on inactive or orphan teams.

Customize with your own organization chart

Country / City

Branch / Department



Create organization models

in 1-click matching your organization structure

Mix user profile criteria

from several data sources Yammer, SharePoint and Office 365 AD

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Import custom properties (.csv)

Use these organizational models

to compare your different populations behaviors (HR vs IT, France vs USA…)

Empower a new type of user

Zone Managers can now get a full access to KPIs exclusive to their zone of responsibility

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    boost user adoption in their zone

    by showing trends and areas of improvement

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    ease collaboration

    by building a collaborative workplace for the users under their responsibility

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    apply gouvernance principles in the zone

    by identifying possible risks accross teams, guest access and activity

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