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Analyze usage on Skype

Has Skype been adopted by all users?
Which populations have adopted it and which ones are reluctant?
How is Skype being used?
Calls, conferences, instant messaging?
Is Skype used to communicate on One-to-One or to a group?

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Measure the ROI of Skype

For you ?

IT departments

  • 01


    Skype’s deployment through actionable statistics on usage

  • 02


    the most common use cases and compare them by population

  • 03

    HTML5 responsive design

    so easy to use

  • 04


    avaibale online and on-premise 

  • 05


    the value of remote communications for employees working away

  • 06


    your champions and encourage their contributions


Pilot the adoption

01 / 02

Track the adoption rate of Skype over time and measure the success of your actions

Communicate with the populations that do not use Skype and get them on board

Discover the average user profiles

01 / 02

Find out what is the most used feature within your organization

Classify the average profiles by population (department, country ...)

Type of activity

01 / 02

Understand the habits of your employees to promote the expected use

Help people who do not use Skype to take advantage of the key features

One-to-One vs Conferences

01 / 02

Compare the One-to-One and Conference usage of Each Population

Follow the evolution overtime

Customize with your own organization chart

Country / City

Branch / Department



Create organization models

in 1-click matching your organization structure

Mix user profile criteria

from several data sources Yammer, SharePoint and Office 365 AD

Excel logo

Import custom properties (.csv)

Use these organizational models

to compare your different populations behaviors (HR vs IT, France vs USA…)

Machine Learning AI features

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence Tryane is bringing new insights :


    extract key intelligence on any topic discussed in your Enterprise Social Network


    thanks to sentiment analysis you’ll be able to score the negativity or positivity for any communication


    our Data Scientists built a very comprehensive algorithm that leverages machine learning technology to continuously iterate and learn from the way you communicate.

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