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Leverage Office 365 with actionable insights

Which O365 products are really adopted?
Are you using your purchased licenses?
Which collaboration practices are thriving?
Which populations are transforming their way of working?

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Measure the ROI of Office 365

For you ?

Information Technology department
Change Management team

  • 01


    which Office 365 tools are popular or not among your users

  • 02


    your Digital Transformation and move from the old way to the new way of working (attachment vs cloud link, physical vs remote meeting…)

  • 03


    your users behaviors in order to find patterns

  • 04


    custom dashboards to pilot your action plan over time

  • 05


    internally backed with key metrics

  • 06


    for end-users who want actionable information


Drive O365 adoption

01 / 02

Monitor the adoption rate of each solution within the Office 365 suite and compare your active users to the number of licensed users

Analyze which populations are adopting Office 365 and which populations are reluctant to change

Analyze habits

01 / 05

Discover if you’re sharing information as physical files or cloud links and follow up over time

Figure out which applications are favored by your users when they engage in One-to-One discussions

Analyze if your group conversations happen through emails or on Yammer/Teams

Evaluate if remote meetings are picking up compared to physical meetings

Compare your different populations’ behaviors

Identify collaborative practices

01 / 02

Compare up to 5 KPIs to analyze trends

Compare the KPIs of 2 populations to detect patterns and communicate more effectively to each of them

Customize with your own organization chart

Country / City

Branch / Department



Create organization models

in 1-click matching your organization structure

Mix user profile criteria

from several data sources Yammer, SharePoint and Office 365 AD

Excel logo

Import custom properties (.csv)

Use these organizational models

to compare your different populations behaviors (HR vs IT, France vs USA…)

Machine Learning AI features

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence Tryane is bringing new insights :


    Any topic to gather insights about it


    Detect experts of a specific topic


    Analyze the sentiment of your users

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