9 February 2018

Office 365 Adoption Pack : strengths and weaknesses

So we are pleased to provide the video below at the end of this article which sums up the webinar.


#1 : Free and accessible from Office 365

#2 : Active users accross many product

#3 : Global 0365 product usage big picture

#4 : Mobile application accessible with a Power BI Pro licence


#1 : Volume KPIs without insights, no site or group level KPIs

#2 : Complex User Interface hard to customize ( It requires a licence, many skills, and an Azure subscription for the cool features)

#3 : Fixed time period

#4 : Mainly for admin, difficult to delegate access

Tryane goes beyond

Finally, from minute 14’ Nicolas Saliba, founder and CEO, presents the added value of Tryane.

In a nutshell,Tryane goes beyond for the following reasons :

#1 : Usage and content analysis of each application

#2 : Collaboration Insights at Yammer groups and SharePoint sites level

#3 : Customize dashboards yourself (add filters, create your own, share it…)

#4 : Flexible time period

#5 : Easy to delegate access to anyone

#6 : Responsive design accessible and usable on any device


Voici le webinar présenté par Amanda Kerdal et Nicolas Saliba, CEO et fondateur de Tryane qui apporte plus d’exemples (version française).

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