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What does Tryane and what is it for?

Tryane empowers organizations to drive their digital transformation with analytics solutions giving meaningful insights on Office 365 practices.

Tryane is a web application collecting data from your collaborations tools (Yammer, SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, Skype, Teams, Office 365 Groups ) and producing KPIs through user friendly Dashboards.

What are the key features of Tryane and why subscribing to an additional service while some analytics are available out of the box?

  • Tryane offers more than what is available out of the box because it uses many different data sources and combines them via proprietary algorithm to deliver KPIs on collaboration practices to detect patterns
  • The application will help you understand how the active users benefit for the Office 365 tools
    • Are they active on a daily or monthly basis?
    • Which features are the most used?
    • Which Office 365 application is most used and for which usage? Do the user prefer using one or another (SharePoint, Skype, Yammer, teams) to share documents, for a 1-to-1 discussion or a group conversation, to organize a meeting?
  • The application will show if the contents have reached the expected objective
    • Has the latest news been read (SharePoint) and the Yammer posts viewed?
    • How many different people have read it, and who are they?
    • Have the content been read by all departments, branches, countries?
  • The application will help you to know which topics drive most traffic
    • Which SharePoint sites and Yammer groups are the most active?
    • Which discussions are the most active?
    • Which documents are the most viewed?
    • Which topics are the most popular within Yammer and in which groups?
    • Which keywords are the users looking for in SharePoint, which searches have no results in the intranet?
  • Easy to create your personalized dashboard and share to anyone
  • Once the application is installed the dashboard are available without any additional setup
  • For each application, Tryane answers to the question “what are the most active or inactive population?” in order to customize the training and communication, for each population’s need.The application offer the capabilities to import organization models to
  • filter dashboards by departement, city, office site, branch, or any other criteria related to your context.
  • Easy to delegate access manually and automatically to the Yammer community managers and SharePoint sites owners. Accessing the KPIs of their sites and groups, only those they are administrator, will empower them to animate their community
  • Available OnPrem and Online
  • The application is responsive and accessible from any device
  • Available in English and French
  • Tryane releases new features twice a month to address the frequently requested needs of our existing customers.

What is the subscription fee?

The cost is based on the number of monitored users and the number of applications, with a degressive model.

Tryan monitores all users with an activated license.

It is possible to pay monthly via the application once it is installed or for 12 or 24 months upfront.

How to install the application?

Tryane supports Online, Onprem and Hybrid configuration.


Online (all applications)

An Office 365 global administrator account is required to install.

See below the links to install each application:


On Prem (SharePoint)

Before installing, you will need to prepare the following 4 prerequisites:

Before installing, you will need to prepare the following 3 prerequisites:

  • A dedicated server
  • the Tryane server must be accessible over HTTPS by all users accessing the UI (network prerequisite).
  • a SSL certificate is required to enable a secure access to the Tryane UI over HTTPS.
  • A SharePoint administrator account

For more details on the server and the installation, please contact us to request the corresponding documentation.


This configuration will have to be implemented if you need to monitor both online and OnPremise and if your company security policy requires it.

Tryane recommends the client to install Tryane on premise for both his online and on-premise SharePoint as the data for both on-prem and online SharePoints will be available in the same UI / application

Is Tryane GDPR compliant?

Tryane has designed and build the application  based on security and privacy management since 10 years.

The content of the applications (documents, posts, comments…) are never nor read neither stored. All personal information is encrypted using an AES 256 bits encryption algorithm.

A document listing each collected data and describing how it is processed is available on demand,  please contact us, if you wish to receive a copy.

Data are located in France and never transferred out of France

Tryane reviewed and completed all it procedures to :

  • Provide a an export of user data on-demand
  • Delete user data on-demand
  • – Tryane commits to destroying all data of a client which terminates its subscription to the service within 30 calendar days.

Besides, Tryane commits to never give access to a client’s data to a third party

Finally Tryane allows to deactivate the features displaying personal data so that company without european citizen can benefit, and other deactivate features like”top influencers”.

A document describing this setup is available on demand, please contact us if you wish to receive a copy.

Where are the stored data?

Configuration OnLine

  • Tryane SAAS uses its own dedicated servers hosted by a provider located in France, which guarantees that our clients’ data is clearly isolated and under French jurisdiction.
  • Each client has its own dedicated database
  • Chaque client a sa propre base de données dédiée
  • Information is stored encrypted using AES

Configuration OnPremise

  • On premise, the Tryane application is running on a dedicated server hosted within the client’s infrastructure
  • Data is located on this server, and not transferred out of this server or of the client’s infrastructure

Who can access Tryane's kpis in the organization?

By default the user who installed Tryane has an administrator role within Tryane.

Then he will need to grant a person with the administrator role. They will both be able to give access to anyone who needs it.

There are 3 different level of access

  • A user can see all KPIs except on private groups/sites for which he isn’t an administrator
  • A Community Manager can only see the KPIs of the groups/sites he is an administrator of
  • An administrator has the rights of a standard user and can manage users and model organizations

On Prem (SharePoint)

Before installing Tryane analytics for SharePoint ® On Prem, you will need to prepare the following 4 prerequisites:

  • A dedicated server
  • a SSL certificate is required to enable a secure access to the Tryane UI over HTTPS
  • the Tryane server must be accessible over HTTPS by all users accessing the UI (network prerequisite).
  • A SharePoint administrator account

For more details on the prerequisites or to receive the binary files, please contact us via our contact page

What support is provided by Tryane?

The Tryane Customer Network on Yammer is the social network where customers can ask functional questions. Tryane will provide an answer within 24 hours, Paris Time (GMT+1). The TCN includes video tutorials and how-to materials, as well as the latest news on features and new releases.

For any technical questions, Tryane’s support team ( ) will answer within 24 to 48 working hours depending on the criticality of the issue


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