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With SharePoint and Yammer Analytics, Holiday Retirement aims to leverage data to increase the value of our user experience. Tryane provides valuable assistance by helping us understand usage within both platforms. The Tryane best-use case for us is the ability to identify viewer quantities for corporate communications (news) using a modern SharePoint Communication site, Search, Yammer and SharePoint redesign. Using the digital platform of Communication sites, we can see not only which news articles are being viewed, but the progression of site activity over time. This is invaluable to us, as it shows how our efforts are being received and valued by more than 2,000 users across the United States.




Enterprise Search in the SharePoint Online environment is a very powerful tool. However, the ability to analyze how search is being used is very difficult. Fortunately, Tryane provides the solution. Leveraging the massive amount of data collected, we have customized our search results to return valuable data to our end-users.

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Prior to Tryane, we did not realize the substantial number of active users in Yammer. But with just a couple of Yammer posts instructing users on hash-tagging, participation increased tremendously. Employing Yammer as a corporate social media platform has allowed our users to communicate and collaborate across the multiple time zones in the United States.

Tryane analytics

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Tryane Analytics is an invaluable tool in Holiday Retirement’s efforts to maximize SharePoint and embrace the contemporary experience. We see what is useful in the classic environment and redesign it in a sleek, modern and easy-to-use experience.

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