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Digital Workplace Benchmark Report 2022

How to find the 2022 Digital Workplace on the market that fits your needs?

Contrast some of the most popular digitalworkplaces on the market  
We found generalist platforms like Beezy, Powell 365 and LumApps were very effective at offering intranet essentials.
Use this report as a real measurement tool 
Measure how each digital workplace can enable communication and collaboration within their organization.
An overview at the current state of popular digital workplace offerings in 2022.

An overall score provides a general benchmark for the typical workplace to consider.

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Problems Tryane Analytics for SharePoint Solves

How do we find the best way to reach people who say “I had no idea this was going on?" when something really important was missed?
People sometimes tell me “Nobody told me that”. With Tryane, I’m able to get staff members to take action by using data that points to best practices.

— Communication Manager, Global Beverage Corporation 

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